Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo

Because Bamboo Stylus duo has two sides, one smooth conductive rubber tip for media tablets and one inking tip for using on paper, you can simply switch between working on the touchscreen and traditional paper by the flip of the pen.
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Design, Ergonomics and Natural Feel 

Bamboo Stylus duo ensures the most natural pen experience, regardless what media you are using. The best-in-class soft conductive tip provides a smooth and authentic stylus-on-screen feeling with an increased precision thanks to the slimmer pen tip compared to other most popular solutions on the market. The inking nib uses standard refills and hence delivers a writing sensation similar to regular ballpoint pens.

With its sophisticated premium design composed of a plain and clean shape as well as a classy platinum silver/black colour scheme, Bamboo Stylus duo is the result of Wacom′s 25 years of experience in the design of digital pen tablets. This knowledge is further reflected in the implementation of the pen cap that shields the pen tip that′s not in use.



  • Benefits:
    • Combined stylus and inking pen without compromises to provide the best experience in both worlds
    • Improves experiences with applications for sketching
    • Elegant platinum silver and blackfinish with satin-textured plated metal body
    • 25 % slimmer rubber tip than other solutions on the market (6 mm vs. 8 mm)
    • Weight-balanced design
    • Soft rubber rings for a smooth fit of the cap on both tip ends
  • Pen dimensions: 9 mm diameter and 131 mm (cap on inking nib) or 136 mm (cap on stylus nib) length
  • Pen weight: 24 g
  • Rubber nib: exchangeable smooth soft conductive tip for best pen-on-screen feeling (compatible with Bamboo Stylus solo)
  • Inking nib: standard replaceable cartridge

Apps for iOS

Note taking

  • Bamboo Paper – Take notes, draw or doodle. Always have your notebooks with you.
  • Goodreader – great tool for managing files combined with the ability to add comments or sign your name on PDF documents
  • iAnnotate – Add comments and marks to your PDF in a simple way


  • Adobe Ideas – great if you want to add your own embellishments to an image


  • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro – great to create artistic sketches with wide variety of brush settings
  • Doodle Buddy – if you are just looking for a simple doodle pad that you can scribble on with your friends then try this.


  • ArtRage – great if you want to express your creative side
  • Inspire Pro – Paint and live your inspirations on your iPad

Apps for Android

Note taking

  • Bamboo Paper – turn your media tablet into a paperless communication tool

Τεχνικές Απαιτήσεις

Compatibility List for Bamboo™ Stylus

iPad Yes -
iPhone4 Yes -
Samsung Galaxy Tab (1st generation) Yes (✓) Suitable for navigation
purpose only
Motorola Xoom No Not yet known -

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